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Personal Statement Law School


Ordering my personal statement was a very big challenge since my future depends on this. I wanted to thank the personalstatementlawschool.net for making it great. I was able to submit the best personal statement for my law school application. I never thought that there is a service like it.

Teo, Spain

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Law School Personal Statement Tips

Writing great law school personal statements is not something that happens without you putting a huge amount of thought and effort into it. But if you don’t come up with some great law school personal statement ideas and write a compelling and highly persuasive statement you will likely fail in your endeavors to grab that place that you want so much. Your top law school personal statement is the only thing that will give you the chance to show off who you are and sell yourself to the selection committee. Even if you have the very best grades and even the best possible LSAT score you still need to prove that you are going to be a great lawyer.

Writing a top law schools personal statement

Law Personal Statement TipsThe following law school personal statement tips will help you to avoid some of the common mistakes that people make when writing their personal statements as well as help you to ensure that you include everything that you should.

Remember that this is a “personal” statement, it is about you, your feelings, your experiences and your aspirations so it is not something that you can just copy from elsewhere. It needs to reflect you, not the person you wish you were, you may be interviewed and if you are very different from the person you describe within your statement then these law school personal statement tips will have been no use at all!

Best law school personal statement tips:

  • Your statement is about you so use “I” throughout.
  • Avoid any form of clichés; they do not want to hear that you are going to be a “voice for the voiceless.”
  • Find a theme or story to hold your statement together
  • Avoid shock tactics to engage the reader; don’t open your statement with a line that is obviously being used to gain their attention through shock value.
  • Show the person you are through your writing, don’t tell them

They do not want you to tell them that you have the skills to make a good lawyer; they want you to describe circumstances in which you have used and proved those skills. This is probably the most important of the law school personal statement tips here; show them, not tell them!

We can write great law school personal statements

We employ the very best highly qualified personal statement writers. They are all highly experienced within this specific field and know precisely how to write a law school personal statement that will get the committee’s attention and make you highly memorable.

Their writing skills are second to none and we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the top law school personal statement that they will produce for you, otherwise it will be rewritten free of charge or your money will be returned.

So if you are having problems following these law school personal statement tips and need to have your statement professionally written get in touch today.